The European Chinese Language and Culture Programme at Peking University offers a variety of classes, seminars and lectures for undergraduate and graduate students. Courses are designed and quality controlled to seamlessly integrate with students’ study programmes at their respective European universities.

Students attend a class on applied geography


Undergraduate students can take up to 20 hours of Chinese language classes and seminars on the ECLC programme. The programme’s focus is on intensive Chinese language training in small groups, with all classes being taught by native speakers, enabling students to make great progress and advance their command of written and spoken Chinese. All courses are fully integrated into the partners’ home universities’ programmes. For details see the partner universities’ study regulations.

Classes offered

  • 课文与语法 (Modern Chinese & Chinese Grammar)
  • 口语与听力 (Colloquial Chinese & Listening Comprehension)
  • 实用商务汉语 (Applied Commercial Chinese)
  • 新闻媒体课 (Media Literacy)
  • 纵游中国 (Applied Geography)
  • 中国文化 (Chinese Cultural Studies)

In addition to these fully accredited classes the ECLC programme also conducts two non-accredited courses:

  • 书法 (Calligraphy)
  • 汉语水平考试 (Training for HSK-Test)

Examples of essays and homework produced by ECLC students can be found here.


Graduate students are offered a programme of 19 hours of compulsory courses and lectures. Modern and Classical Chinese classes are taught in small groups by ECLC-teachers, while students attend regular Peking University lectures on Chinese Ancient History and History of Chinese Foreign Relations. The lectures will be accompanied by two tutorials held by Chinese students.

Classes offered

  • 中国古代史 (Chinese Ancient History)
  • 中国外交史 (History of Chinese Foreign Relations)
  • 现代汉语——好文欣赏 (Modern Chinese - Selected Works)
  • 现代汉语——报刊 (Modern Chinese - Media Literacy)
  • 中国古代汉语 (Classical Chinese)
  • 图书资料课 (PKU Library Research)

The one-term stay at Peking University is designed to deepen graduate students’ knowledge in the fields of Chinese language, history and social science, while at the same time offering ideal conditions to advance their own research undertakings, and conceptualise an outline for their own Master’s thesis. The class PKU Library Research is especially designed to support students with their research, and to enable them to make the most of Peking University’s vast resources.