Language Partners

All the students who participate in the ECLC programme will be provided with a ’language partner’. These language partners are mostly Chinese students who also study at Peking University. At the beginning of each semester the office will arrange for a meeting with Chinese students, where students can get to know each other.

The aim of the language partner exchange programme is to provide our students with more opportunities to speak and practise their Chinese, and to get to know the Chinese culture on a more personal level. The exchange programme benefits both sides, as the Chinese students also broaden their horizon, and deepen their skills in German or English. As the last years have shown, the exchange is well received among Chinese and European students, and some long-lasting friendships have even emerged from it.

Meet-up between language partners from Würzburg and PKU

Besides the language partner exchange, the student association of the School of International Studies at Peking University, at which the ECLC programme is situated, will also hold meetings and parties on an irregular basis, providing another opportunity to get to know Chinese students. These activities have also been well received among the ECLC-participants.