Besides regular excursions and a language partner exchange the ECLC does also organize other extra-curricular activities. Some of these activities are organized in cooperation with PKU’s School of International Studies. Here you may find an overview of some of the activities that have been organized in the past.

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations, aimed at raising awareness of global problems, current events and international politics among participants. Students take on the role of delegates, representing countries in various councils and the General Assembly.

The School of International Studies annually hosts one of the biggest MUNs, the Asian International Model United Nations (AIMUN), with more than 450 participants from all over China, Asia and the Western countries. The four-day event is the biggest in mainland China, and the only international MUN worldwide, every year focussing on different hot topics. For instance, in the past topics like gender equality, energy utilization, the financial crisis, Libya, and domestic violence, have been discussed.

ECLC students have been taking part in AIMUN for a number of years, many of them with outstanding success, being awarded as “Outstanding Delegates”, “Best Delegation”, or for the “Best Position Paper”. AIMUN has always been welcomed by our students, as it offers a great opportunity to get into contact with like-minded students, engage in interesting discussions, and further one’s skills in preparing and holding speeches for a large audience.

Luisa Brown, who participated in the 2016 AIMUN has collected her throughts and impressions here.

Some of our students have also participated in other MUNs, like the 2012 MUN at Wuhan University and the 2013 MUN at Tianjin Foreign Studies University, likewise with great success. A report on the 2012 MUN in Wuhan can be found here.

Special Excursions

The ECLC also organize special excursions and field trips, often in cooperation with PKU’s School of International Studies.

  • An excursion to Baway Education was organized for the first time in the autumn of 2013. A detailed account can be found here.
  • In the summer semester of 2014 a group of Danish and German students went on an all-day trip to the north-east of Beijing, visiting the Yanjing Brewery and Shilinxia Scenic Area. For more details you will find a brief report.
  • In June 2017 the ECLC organized a special two-day excursion to Qufu for students who took part in the Culture class. Students were offered the chance to get a hands-on experience with traditional Confucian culture. For more details please read the detailed accounts collected here.
  • At the end of April 2018 the ECLC office organized a visit to Beijing’s Drum Tower. Students had the chance to paint Chinese opera masks, tie Chinese knots, and to explore the many hutongs surrouding the Drum Tower. A short account of this trip can be found here.