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For celebrating the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, Peking University invited our ECLC students together with other exchange students to a special activity on Friday evening 6/15. Under guidance of a professional cook, the students were taught how to prepare Zongzi 粽子, a traditional dish that every Chinese loves to eat during the Dragon Boat Festival.

In various regions... Read more


On my blog I was talking about a video I was shooting a couple of weeks ago. So whats all about that video and what for was it?

It was about a competition I was participating in. The Contest was called „my story about China“. The video had to deal with my personal and individual experience relating to China. What ist he first thing which comes to your mind when you thing about... Read more


I’ve already been at 798 Art District in March but it was quite cold back then and I didn’t have that much time as a presentation and some other uni stuff was impatiently waiting for me to be done. Today I finally managed to go there again. So I took my roommate Hanna and we headed off to 798. 798 is located in the north-east of Beijing (beyond the 4th ring) and the ride took us around an hour... Read more


When I was trying to find the gym on the campus I failed completely. Who thought it could be any different? I was in desperate need of a person who could tell me how to find it and I acutally found someone. I came across a sporty looking person and decided to ask her if she’d know where the gym was. She smiled and said it would be quite complicated to explain and it’d be easier if she’d just... Read more


Holidays are here. Finally. The first two days I wanted to play safe by not doing much to prepare for Sunday when I wanted to go on a festival with another fellow student. The festival is called strawberry music festival 草莓音乐节 and is located 70 km from Beijing city.

9 o’clock in the morning: haidianhuangzhuang subway station 海淀黄庄地铁站。 That’s where Isabelle and I met to drive all the way... Read more


Last day before the holidys. Everyone was very excited – except me. I was just happy not to lay in bed but instead attending class for the first time that week.
Economics was the first class on my scadule for today. After that we met at the East Gate of PKU to head off for a little school trip. Actually it was a Uni trip but as our classes are so small I’ll just call it a school trip.... Read more


AIMUN (Asian International Model United Nation) ist he second important MUN in the world (right behind the MUN in New York City). It is a sort of fake United Nations Congress which is held for 4 days and lots of students from all over the world participate in it. AIMUN has lots of UN Committees such as General Assembly, Security Council, Ambassadorr Programme, IJC, UNICEF, UNEP, UN-Women, ESC... Read more


During summer semester 2015, students of the course Lüyou yu Dili 旅游地理 were asked to create short presentations about Nanluoguxiang 南锣鼓巷. This short film was created by four students of the Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg, Germany. It provides insights into the daily life in the Hutongs of Beijing and should also give you an impression of the Chinese language level you can reach, by the... Read more