Programme Introduction

In the summer semester of 2002, the University of Würzburg and Peking University established an academic cooperation enabling BA students to spend a full semester at Peking University. Since then this cooperation has been deepened and broadened with Aarhus University and the University of Oslo as partners and an office located in the School of International Studies, Peking University.

The Department of Chinese Studies in Würzburg has integrated and accredited the ECLC semester into its programmes Modern China B.A., Chinese Studies M.A., Chinese and Economics M.A., and Modern China (minor subject). Students who have successfully mastered the ASQ elements Sinicum or Chinese for Economists, including all language courses up to the fourth semester, can also apply for a semester on the ECLC programme. Students of Modern China B.A. spend their fourth semester in Beijing, while MA students stay in Beijing during their third semester.

The China Studies programmes at Aarhus University and at the University of Oslo have also integrated and accredited one semester of teaching on the ECLC programme into their BA study programmes. Students from Aarhus spend their fourth ECLC semester in Beijing alongside students from Würzburg while students from Oslo spend their third BA semester at ECLC each summer/fall.

The ECLC programme offers a range of comprehensive Chinese language courses, as well as lectures and seminars in Chinese. Courses for BA students are carried out by qualified Chinese personnel on the ECLC programme and the School of International Studies, while MA students attend language classes on the ECLC programme, as well as lectures at other faculties of Peking University.

The ECLC office organises classes, compiles learning materials, arranges students' accommodation, organises language partnerships, and organises extracurricular activities.

All ECLC classes are evaluated twice a semester and follow-up meetings are conducted with returning students to improve the programme.

The ECLC programme provides a platform for scientific exchange. Guest professors from China visit Würzburg, Aarhus and Oslo on a regular basis, doing research and conducting lectures. The ECLC programme also offers support for visiting scholars and MA students from the three European partner universities, who want to do research at Peking University and in Beijing.

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For a detailed listing of all classes offered by the ECLC programme please refer to this page. More information on institutional partners can be found here. If your institution is interested in cooperation with the ECLC, or wants to partake in its exchange programme, please refer to this site.