Student's Life

Students participating in the ECLC programme stay for one semester at Peking University: undergraduate students from Würzburg and Aarhus during the summer semester (March to July), and undergraduate students from Oslo and graduate students from Würzburg during the winter semester (September to January).

Besides taking classes on the ECLC programme, staying in Beijing and at Peking University provides an excellent opportunity to advance skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening to Chinese, as students have to use Chinese on a day-by-day basis. To raise the students' command of Chinese, the ECLC programme organises a language partner exchange, bringing together Chinese and European students. Furthermore, the ECLC Office organises a rich cultural programme, including excursions to famous sights, e.g. the Qing emperors' Summer Residence in Chengde, the Hanging Temple and Yunggang Grottoes in Datong, or the Tanzhe and Jietai temples located on the periphery of Beijing.

Students can also take part as guest students in some of Peking University's lectures, enroll in student and sports clubs, or enjoy the many activities and cultural events taking place throughout the year, like film and theatre performances at the Peking University Hall, or international conferences like the Asian International Model United Nations (AIMUN). Over the years many of our students have taken part in conferences, performances and language contests, many of them with outstanding success.

But Peking University and the other surrounding institutions of higher learning, like Tsinghua University and Remin University, are not the only ones to provide a rich cultural and educational programme. The Haidian district, where Peking University and most of the other universities in Beijing are located, as well as the bordering Chaoyang district, have a flourishing and energetic cultural and artistic landscape, characterized by a mixture of Chinese, Asian and Western influences. Many art galleries and spaces, museums, bars and clubs are located in this area, complemented by shopping districts and recreational facilities. Many art exhibitions, concerts and music festivals are held throughout the year, attracting Chinese and internationally renowned artists.